A Melodious Song (Y...
By Cloakedranger
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-This is a sequel to the story A Dimensional Tune (Yandere Twins x reader) - You have been with the brothers for over a year now, yet they still torment you, however a visitor arrives at the mansion. Who is this strange individual and what will happen upon their arrival? Will new games be played and what will fate hold in store for you? New adventures await as do new perils while a distant song captivates you and throws you into the hands of a new king. Listen to the melodious song and see where it takes you. - I do not own any of the music videos, or content within the videos. Moreover, I do not own the cover picture. All rights go to the respectful owners. I do own my writing, so don't steal. Thank you for reading. This story is also on Quotev under my profile name Darkened Warrior.

Beginning to a New Tune

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A Melodio...
by Cloakedranger