Wings of War
By thebirdwhisperer
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Verana was almost kidnapped as a child, but the only reason she wasn't taken was that of a little human boy. . . a little boy she's all but forgotten. Now, being the Volucris princess that she is, Verana has duties to care for and expectations to meet. But, years later, Verana gets kidnapped and taken to the human world, all to find that her world will be destroyed if she doesn't step out of her comfort zone. Choices are to be made, one of the things that Verana has always had a hard time with. A story about how to stand on your own, self-sacrifice, and how to be brave enough to take action in the hardest times. Copyright © Lauren Kelly 2016 ~*~*~ [ Fantasy/Adventure/Mystery/Romance/] [ New chapters on Fridays ] [ Highest Ranking: #107 in Fantasy - THANK YOU! ] [ Gorgeous cover by @elzarion ]


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Wings of...
by thebirdwhisperer