Living on Borrowed...
By SamieSands
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WATTPAD FEATURED STORY: This isn't your ordinary love story... Lara Rogers isn't supposed to be here. She was supposed to die over a year ago from a long-term illness, yet somehow she managed to make a miracle recovery. The only problem is now she has an endless future stretched out in front of her. One that she wasn't expecting, and one that she has no idea what to do with. After she got the positive diagnosis, she moved to the big city where she knows no one to become another anonymous face, but this life isn't making her happy. In fact, she's more miserable than ever. An unexpected night out with a girl that seems to want to be her friend leads to all sorts of new experiences, including one that might even be love... The only problem is Lara has spent so long not knowing who she is, that she doesn't know how to act around all of these new people, and slowly things become increasingly difficult for her. She begins a negative spiral into self-destructive behaviour, sinking deeper and deeper until she isn't sure that she can ever get out. Review: I read this whole book in one night, I just couldn't put it down. So why should you read it? Amazing writing. Emotive story line. Well-rounded and developed characters and an ending that had me smiling with satisfaction while I did a fist bump in the air. - WattMag

Chapter One

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Living on...
by SamieSands