The Darkness That L...
By Reaper494
  • Fantasy
  • death
  • fiction
  • fighting
  • futuristic
  • reaper
  • romance
  • science
  • war


Edward is the spawn of the ultimate reaper yet nobody knows this.... and neither does he. He will eventualy be drawn into a war of the reapers and fall for the princess of the other side. When they are forced to abandon the castle that was once the home/prison for the two, they must learn to survive on their own in the wilderness while trying to stop the war that you plagues both races. Along the way each will unlock their true potential, each one greater that the last until their true potential unleashes the power hidden within. Will they both survive, or will one perish leaving the other to go insane and wander the land with a blood rage. Time can only tell so much before IT becomes oblivious to what it holds next

The Darkness That Lives Within

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The Darkn...
by Reaper494