Simply Broken
By Peachy-Bat-Brat
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You're Bruce Wayne's daughter. Which means it's only obvious that you're close to anybody who's ever had the mantle of Robin. Sometimes, it's hard to get along with them. Like how it was when Tim came. Sometimes, it's just fun to be annoying to them, like how it is with Dick. But who id you get along with the most? Unfortunately, it was the one that died. Jason. You always knew something about his death wasn't right, everything about it seemed strange. How he was never given a proper burial, how things started happening that didn't exactly make sense or add up. You'd always be the one to find the smallest little clue that was just a little too unimportant to use. Almost like the universe was mocking you. Jason's death did more than screw you up. And your father never let you put on a mask, never let you take up the mantle of Robin after Jason died. So you stayed in the cave, working behind a screen and doing what you do best there. What if this entire time you were right? You were right. Jason didn't stay dead.

Chapter one: Stubborn

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Simply Br...
by Peachy-Bat-Brat