Bands In School (Di...
By fairytailships4ever
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There are two band. Fairy queens and dragon kings. Each band has 6 members and have a manager and stylist. Fairy queens hate dragon kings because something happen in the past that involved them. Dragon kings have to go back to school the same school the girls are. What will happen when the girls and the boys Meet again? Will the girls forgive the boys or will they keep hating them? Will love blossom along the way or will the war start between them? What will happend when someone gives the a little push? Read to find out. (This is my first story. Thanks for reading it.) Started: January 2 2017 Ended: May 12 2018 By the way i don't own any of the characters. Hiro mashima does. If I did all of my ships would be together. Sadly I don't own the pictures either. Please everyone. Just please do not copy my idea. Like‚Äč do not copy before asking for permission. I would always say yes, but please do not copy without permission. I AM REWRITING THIS. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING.

Chapter 1 Past And Present

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Bands In...
by fairytailships4ever