In Love With Her
By Ellisa_Evans
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I smiled at him and then looked at my mom. "Mom, whose engagement party it is?" Mr. And Mrs. Onice looked at me in shock. "You didn't told her?" Mr. Onice asked mom. "No, we thought we might want to surprise her a bit," Mom giggled. Mrs. Onice smiled at me as she came closer to me and hugged me. Then she touched my cheeks and said, "did you miss Ryan?" "Yes, I mean, he is my friend," I said. "So we thought of a way to do something that you won't miss Ryan anymore," she said. I looked at other suspiciously. Mom started to laugh a little and dad winked at me. "We thought of making you and Ryan get engage so you wouldn't miss each other anymore. Isn't that a good idea?" She said. I looked at her in shock. Me and Ryan . . . Engage? Cover by @Sweetishlove

the engagement talk

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In Love W...
by Ellisa_Evans