Within This Broken...
By zero_tolerance
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Della is certainly not your average high school junior. She may seem like it on the outside because she has spent years creating this persona, this person that isn't really her. But on the inside, she is much worse. Della suffers Depression and Anxiety. From everyone else's point of view, she is an average, happy teenager. If only they knew the the hell she goes through everyday. If only they could see the raging storm within her broken body. But no one will ever know the real Della because she refuses to get help. She refuses to tell anyone about her illnesses so they go untreated. Della wasn't always alone, though, like she is now. She once had a best friend named Harry Burke. Harry is the only boy Della ever loved so when Harry steps back into her messed up life, will old feelings arise? Or will everything crash down like it usually does for Della. Follow the story of this girl who is just desperately trying to make it through life without going insane.


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Within Th...
by zero_tolerance