It Will Be Our Litt...
By ICannotWriteBooks
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***DISCLAIMER*** I wrote this when I was young and naive. I now know that some of the scenes in this book are forms of assault, psychological abuse and are being romanticized. "One glance and it makes my stomach tickle and a warm feeling comes rushing up. One touch and it makes my breath unstable. One kiss and I was his." Meet Auburn Watson. A girl who moved to a new town, determined to just fit in and be a normal student. Get good grades, and ruin her mom's relationship. Pretty normal huh? Well, that plan isn't going very well. Boys got involved, stupid decisions were made, feelings got involved, hearts broke, cops got injured, and no one could be trusted. Auburn's life takes a left turn, instead of the right one. How will she get out of this mess? Or more likely, will she get out of this mess?

Chapter 1, Taking the bad boy's seat

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It Will B...
by ICannotWriteBooks