Series 1: The Ex-wi...
By ever_minah
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SERIES 1 [COMPLETED] "I know you won't leave me again as you leave me before Monique." Kevin said while he's standing behind her back. She laughed sarcastically before utter words. "Haha, watch me Kevin. I honestly can." She said without facing him. "One or two more steps Monique. I know you don't like it when I'm mad. Don't try my patience baby." He said, still facing her back. "Three or more steps Kevin, still I will do it. And let me remind you my dear EX-HUSBAND, I'm not the same Monique you've known before. You and the time changed me." She really changed. She become BOLDER. WISER... FIERCER.... STRONGER..... And... WILDER Monique.... Vote and Comment if you like. Thank you ❤

The Ex-wife Return

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Series 1:...
by ever_minah