Just A Tourist
By octoberagain
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He's only here for the summer... Halle Clements, a carefree and confident teen, lives on Minute Island, a very popular tourist destination. Her life takes a turn for craziness once she meets Evan Heath, a tourist with a cute smirk, and falls for him. However, there's serious tension between locals and tourists on Minute Island and when Halle and Evan cross paths with a mean group of locals that live to terrorize tourists, Halle needs to act fast. She invents a lie that Evan is, in fact, a local- just was homeschooled. At first, the story brings Halle and Evan together for a summer of adventure, fun, and romance, but the time eventually comes for Halle to figure out if she made up the story to protect Evan or to protect her own heart. After all, it's hard when you're falling for a boy who's only around for the summer. Cover by @ketterdams

Just A Tourist ~ Summary and Cast

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