Emir and feriha - t...
By SmritiVerma9
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Feriha is a story of janitors daughter and a rich playboy Emir. They meet by chance, but as fate had it they fall in love under most unfavourable circumstances. Feriha pretends to be a rich girl to be at par with other school students who come from the better section of the society. But with time she gets entangled in her own web of lies and now at stake is her love, Emir . As it is said lie has a short life, feriha's lies are exposed and then starts the real test of her love. She stands all the insults and hatred hurled at her by Emir, to heal him. Eventually love wins and Emir sees the true feriha and he falls in love with her again. They get married, but marriage is not the end of this love story. This love has more tests to give. The love that stood so many storms falls apart because of a misunderstanding. They live apart, but yet the yearning remains alive. After. 3 years, they come face to face successful professionally yet sad. They live life for living. Their misunderstandings get cleared and they marry again. I have written this fanfic, on the days, after feriha proposes emir. The makers for short of time left a lot of loop open. So I have tried to connect all dots. Hope everyone enjoys that.

Part 1

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Emir and...
by SmritiVerma9