Take Me Away, To Wh...
By omahazeeya
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"You love me Tara!"he tried giving her a cue. "No, I don't!" her stern voice fell in, making her gaze fall off the mark on the floor. Those awry patterned floor tiles, looked interesting than looking into his eyes. Gosh! Those were the most intimidating pair of eyes. "But your gaze says something else, Tara!" his scratchy voice made her cognizance bounce back to her. She shuddered. Seeing her shudder, Athrey moved away allowing her to loosen and walk away. "I don't love you and I would never!" she wailed mumbling, and tried to wriggle out of the place, hastening her pace towards the door with her hands wiping off those tears, roughly. A smugly chuckle, fell in before he lipped. "You can't deny what destiny has for us, baby!" he smirked that was truly heart stopping. And she wasn't pausing or turning around to witness it. Though, she didn't see him smirking, she knew what it meant. The nefarious smirk all meant nothing but 'What I want is what I get!' ___________________ Athrey One of the world's eligible bachelors, who has got girls flirting around with him for his unmanageable hotness, smart brains and colossally available money. His mien never fell from grace, for anyone else other than, it was for this beautiful girl called Uttara. His Tara. His best friend, His soulmate, His everything. Though, Uttara seems to have same kind of feelings towards Athrey, She refuses to admit it. What will be the reason? And what will happen when Athrey comes to know the reason? What's destiny's plan on them? Read the story to know more :)

Take Me Away, To Where I Belong.

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Take Me A...
by omahazeeya