The Lost Potter ||...
By drahoe_malfoy
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Book One of The Lost Potter Series. If you like a good, slow burn love story, then look no further :) [CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING] October 31st, 1981. The day that Harry Potter became the boy who lived. Of course, this day and the legacy of Harry Potter went down in history; but what about the girl who survived? What if Lily and James Potter has not only one child, but a set of twins? Well in fact, they did. On that Halloween night, Dumbledore showed up to the Potter household and apparated away with a sobbing Amaya Evangeline Potter in his arms. No one had ever seen Maya again after Dumbledore took her, so they assumed she was dead and had soon forgotten about her because of spells that the ministry had put in place. Dumbledore had sent Maya off to live with a squib in America, unknowing that it would be a terrible mistake. ~~~ Twelve years later, Maya was accustomed to pain. Saying that the people she lived with were terrible was an absolute understatement. She endured through both emotional and physical torture for as long as she was living in that apartment, and concluded that it would take a miracle to be able to leave. And that household and all of the people inside of it only held her back from being the best person she could be. She wished for real friends. She wished for real family. Most importantly, she wished to feel loved. Luckily, one knock on her front door answered all of her wishes, and completely changed her fate. Join Maya Potter in her endeavors through friendship, mental health and love, in The Lost Potter. [Set In 1993 onward] [MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING] This book shows intense swearing and some graphic scenes. Details are shown in the warning chapter, but if you think any of these things will trigger you, please click away. Started: 6/28/2016 Ended: 1/2/2021 #2 IN FANFICTION - 1/3/2020 #10 IN DRACOMALFOY - 1/3/2020


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The Lost...
by drahoe_malfoy