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#1 in Secretly In Love!! Punk boy Dean Gates has always been the most adored boy in school. Making out with girls at random, and having even guys drop down to their knees kissing the ground he walked on. He had to admit, he was gorgeous. Hard to resist, really. Jake Owens was a little known type of guy, he had his own little group of friends, and he was happy.. right? Behind closed doors, he wasn't the happy, jump around type of guy. He wasn't as happy as everyone thought he was.. he was a boy that didn't like the life he was living. That was until Dean bumped into Jake one day, in Jake's eyes, everything changed.. What was Dean feeling? // Laugh Often was a fan fiction, I've rewritten it, changed the names, but kept the plot the same, (because I like the plot) and hopefully those who aren't interested in fan fictions can now enjoy this book as it is, a fictional story. \\

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Laugh Oft...
by tracyxoc