The Secret Life of...
By BalthazarBratt
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Short story on how the two boys explain their lives offscreen? Morally based on their childhood and how they cope with the world and their disabilities. TRIGGER WARNING! Drug use, mentions of suicide and mental illnesses such as . Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia , Pyromane, ASPD , etc. If you're triggered by these I suggest you not to read. There are two types of B&B fans-ones that don't mind a little out-of-character-ness, and then others that want the hardcore stuff as if it was a real episode. If you are the latter, you most likely won't like this. Although, bits of the music videos and such where parts of their pasts were revealed, from episodes, and from the Ensucklopedia are in here. I did my research, so this won't be 100% out of character ... just about 60%. It's more OOC at the beginning but then dwindles down. Any ignorant comments will be deleted, but I absolutely will accept negative criticism if it is civil. However keep in mind that I have, multiple times, warned you that this is out of character, so no comments should be about that.

The Life of the Almighty Bunghole.

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The Secre...
by BalthazarBratt