What is a mate?
By crazykotsyf
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This is a sequel to 'He is my mate?!' (You need to read that one first, in order to read this one :) ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Chloe, do you believe in the supernatural?", I asked her. "You're messing with me", she said and was about to get up when I stopped her. "Wait, I'm being serious. Let's say werewolves..." "You believe that there are people who turn into dogs during full moons?" "Wolves." "Sorry, big dogs." "What if they're real?" "Then who knows what else is out there..." "Like you?" "What do you mean?", she said, losing her cool a little bit. "You're not human Chloe." "I'm not a werewolf." "Yeah, I know that... You might not be a werewolf", I paused for a second, here goes nothing, "but I am." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brian was the only one left without a mate. Not because of lack of trying, she just was nowhere to be found. That was until one day him and Alex were passing through the city, looking for a rogue. On that day he learnt: His mate is human A werewolf is after her and Last but certainly not least, all of the above might not be true after all...

Chapter 1: Mate!

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What is a...
by crazykotsyf