Deen Queens
By hafyouseenhaffy
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{A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} Saleena is a world famous singer, hating the glitter and the gold but remaining number one in the charts in sheer desperation. She will do anything to protect her dark secrets from the public eye, crying every night at the monsters she sees in her sleep. Becky is torn between her mother's commands and her own curiosity. Her naked body is flaunted in every corner but she dreams of a purity she'll never attain. Hidden in the darkness one night, she finally gives into her own beliefs for a change. Layla is a teenage warrior; battling the evil lurking in her blood. Downing pain relief, she goes about her day-to-day life with as little complaints as possible, counting every second as victory. She's terrified for her end but has all the faith in the world for what she can't see. Asiya is a single mother, slaving through three part time jobs after being thrown out by her abusive husband for her sexuality. Bills pile up and rent is due but nothing can drown out the satisfaction of hearing her little girl laugh for the very first time. These four girls have absolutely nothing in common. But a chance meeting, some red velvet cupcakes and a prayer binds them together forever.

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Deen Quee...
by hafyouseenhaffy