Holding On To You (...
By Jishwa-No
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After a traumatic accident, Josh and Ellie is brought closer to each other since no one else seems to get what they're going through. They battle the aftermaths of the trauma together but find peace in each other. ---- "I caught eye with a guy who looked nice, with bright red hair and a big tattoo on his arm. He had a plain white T-shirt and a backpack on. He was just about a few inches taller than me with my 5'5". "Excuse me, could you help me find my train?" I asked him with an apologetic smile. I would probably make him miss his train but I couldn't find anyone who was walking in any other direction. "Yeah sure" he glanced at the train but followed me to the big map on the wall. "Where are you going?" "Brixton" I said and showed him the address. "Brixton... So you have to change here, at Victoria Station" he said and pointed to the spot where the two lines met. "So... Green line to Victoria and then blue?" "You're a fast learner" he chuckled and shot a big smile towards me. His eyes were litterally glittering, like fire. "


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Holding O...
by Jishwa-No