In Love With The De...
By Skittles1713
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He pulls me upward, deepening the kiss. He nips at my bottom lip and i gasp. His tongue darts in, exploring and tasting my mouth. Sharing his peppermint taste. It wraps around mine and drags it into his. The peppermint taste makes his mouth feel colder then mine, but god is it amazing. We kiss like this for what seems like forever. Gasping, tasting, battling, moaning, and exploring. He finally pulls away and gently kisses the corner of my mouth. I open my eyes too look at him. Our bodies seem to hum with all the electricity passing between us. "What are you.." I mumble quietly. He smirks and presses his cheek against mine, then with his lips inches from my ear he whispers, "Babygirl, I'm The Devil." ~Updates every Friday~

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In Love W...
by Skittles1713