The Last Summer
By mb-oreo
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • creepy
  • danger
  • horror
  • killer
  • last
  • missing
  • murder
  • mystery-thriller
  • psycho
  • psychological
  • strange
  • summer
  • thriller
  • woods
  • youhavebeenwarned
  • youngadult
  • youthgroup


Highest Rank: #61 in mystery/thriller "The woods are a strange place. The trees whisper to each other...they know what we are doing, they see our every move." One youth group. One camping trip. One last summer. Oriana and her little sister, Nelia, are part of a youth group at their church--practically their second family. However, just graduating high school, this will be Oriana's last summer spent with them before college. When a mysterious envelope is donated to the church, containing a large sum of money, the youth group is then taken on a camping trip. This innocent trip immediately takes a dark turn, and they all find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. One by one, they fall. Will Oriana live to see next summer? ***WARNING: contains some mature language and some gory scenes that may be disturbing to certain viewers *Featured on Wattpad's BlairWitchMovie in "Creepy Camping Stories" *

Prologue: Introducing the Youth Group

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The Last...
by mb-oreo