Stolen Heart
By AshleyBreannaBrooks
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Lastnight I had a dream, I was in love with two men. I couldn't decide which one I was goin to let go so I had a talk with both, and decided to keep them both. In my dream, I felt as if I may have loved one more then the other but I still loved them. The dream was so real, I could feel my hands starts to sweat. They both made me nervous, and weak to be around. Each moment I spent with both of them. I felt something different. For one my heart is weakens by the touch of his hands. I love his strong hands on my body. The other brings out the softer side of me. He just wants to be loved yes, sex is very important to him but it's more of making love then just sex. They both have a hold on me. Never the less my heart. Lastnight I had a dream of two men I was in love with, I decided to keep them both. Anna is a young women working as a social working for a big company in Atlanta Georgia. Who is finding herself falling in love with a man who is not her boyfriend Jace McCall. Jace is a retired pro basketball player that has now took a carrier in law working as a layer, The story Stolen Heart is told separately, complete with district memory biases from the male and female perspective.

chapter 1 Me and Him

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Stolen He...
by AshleyBreannaBrooks