Broken Realms: Find...
By cmofield
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Broken Realms is a post apocalyptic modern fantasy action adventure survival romance that follows a young couple as they survive against mad dictators, steampunk airship captain's, powerful wizards, corrupted deities and the pitfalls of being in a relationship. The realms of reality and fantasy have merged violently destroying most of the buildings and cities in both of the realms killing billions in the process. Chaos runs rampant as people on both sides try to understand what has happened. Caught in the middle of all of this are a boy and a girl oblivious to what caused the great quake or that their world is now inhabited by fantasy people, creatures, plants, and spirits. They're just trying to find their way home. They will have to fight, kill, and learn the new ways of their old world if they are going to make it. Welcome to Broken Realms a book series.

Broken Realms: Finding Home Tale Part 1(Edited)

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Broken Re...
by cmofield