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HOW IT WORKS: Each book has it's own page. To review a book, do the following: 1. Comment on the book you want to read. 2. Inbox me with your e-mail address and which format (PDF or Mobi) that you'd like to read. 3. If you want it sent to your Kindle address, send me your address and then add my e-mail address - - to your approved e-mail list. 4. I will send a copy of the book, in your preferred format, to your e-mail address/Kindle. 5. Read and review the book. You can post your reviews to the following sites - Goodreads, any of the Amazon international sites, your blog, your Wattpad account. Any or all are appreciated. If you sign up, you agree to have the book reviewed within a month of having it sent to you. If you do NOT review within a month, you will not be given another book.

The Cellist - 18+ LGBT MMM Romance

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