The Siren Who Would...
By abeautifulmelody_
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Once upon a time, in a land known as Nuvinia, there were two statements that all inhabitants knew to be fact. First, the two kingdoms of Nuvinia, Dral and Proghund, despised one another and would spend eternity at odds. Two, one should practice extreme caution when at sea, because the waters were infested with seductive sirens who would happily sing you to your grave. For a young siren named Vivian, there were also two statements that had always been accepted as fact. One, she must not reach the age of eighteen before mating with and drowning a human man, or else be cast out from her pod to fend for herself. And two, she could not kill someone, even a human, for it would tear her apart. But she has to try. Just twenty-eight days before her birthday, Vivian sets out to find her victim. A quick turn of events results in her being taken aboard first a ship captained by a handsome Dralian pirate and then the boat of the dashing Proghundese prince himself. In the days that follow, Vivian explores the human world and its inhabitants instead of searching for a victim as her family believes she is doing-and the more that she does, the more she resents what she must do in order to stay with them. As she becomes friends with the prince and the pirate, Vivian discovers that her true destiny is to follow her heart rather than please others. And if she's lucky, Vivian may even stop a deadly war during her journey to find where she truly belongs. AWESOME cover by @elphadora!!

Chapter 1: A Song I'll Never Sing

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The Siren...
by abeautifulmelody_