The Girl With Tatto...
By Roche24816
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A past she told no one. A present she hates. A future she doesn't want to think about. But she does know that it involves death; a death she's looking forward to. ✦✦ If the people you loved suddenly slipped from your tightened fists, what would you do? To Gracie, the only explanation was to embrace what she tried to run away from with open arms, allowing herself to become the girl he saw her as; and now she is. She changed her lifestyle and let the sadness overwhelm her. She welcomed the fact she drives everyone away; her jagged scars the only reminder of her hopeless family and ruthless teacher. There was a devil - a fire - sparking inside of her, growing every single day. Blood, fear, danger. You know nothing can be fixed, but can two broken parts make a whole? Bann, the one who is loved by all. With the million dollar smile and the features of a god, who couldn't resist? He was sucked into something he never could foresee, forcing his heart to be pulled in two ways. With one glance into her eyes, the sadness lurking in her burning grey orbs struck him with a sudden realization; he wasn't entirely alone in this world. And yet, when she tries to push him away, tries not to become too attached to another hopeless guy, it only draws them closer together, as he was curious of the silent girl. The past may always be there; waiting for the right moment to attack. But, there's always a light - fire. What does fire do? Burn. Grow even when you try to put it out. One little spark can burst into a flame. ✦✦ TRIGGER WARNING: If you are sensitive to rape, abuse, or anything along these lines, enter at your own risk. I have added warnings but MSG me a chapter/moment you think I should add another to. This BEAUTIFUL & CAPTIVATING cover by the amazing and talented - @misscaulfield Started :: 6/19/16 Completed :: N/A Editing :: 12/13/16 - N/A


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The Girl...
by Roche24816