The Royal, The Rebe...
By Malikakeys78
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I went downtown Albany by myself without the twins . Thank goodness that I will not see Judas and Jesus today. Today im finally free from them. "Hey, Kat." Judas said. "Judas , you scare me and how do you find me?!" I said. "Well I can recognize you hair and scent." Judas said. "Wow, you are something." I said. "Thank you , Kitty Kat." Judas said. "Stop calling me that!" I blushed. "Wow, I just like you when you blush, Kat." Judas said. "Again you are something." I said. @@@@@@ Meet Kat Smith, a AP student at Loyal Banks High school. She's very intelligent and a know-it-all. One problem She never kiss a guy before and she don't like perverts. Meet Jesus and Judas Ryans.They are the most hottest boys in the school.Jesus is loyal and sweet and Judas is a rebel and fiesty. When the twins met Kat,she became their next "target".

Chapter 1 -The Royal, The Rebel, and Me

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The Royal...
by Malikakeys78