Sold As A Virgin
By cloe_dreamer
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(Book 1) Sold...... My father that drunken bastard sold ME, his only daughter, the only person that is there for him, pays his bills and cleans up after him, sold to a billionaire. I was bought by a billionaire to carry his children. And I'm a virgin..... I'm still young to have children. I haven't even had my first kiss now I'm going to have children with a random man! Some people might be happy that he's a billionaire but I'm not. I don't care for money, make up, sex, short dresses so that my ass is on display to the world. I'm not a girly girl nor am I a tomboy. I'm just ME. A normal girl without anybody. Actually I'm not normal cause people like me don't get sold to other people especially not to billionaires by their own father. Now if you're wondering where my mother is well I don't have a mother. She's dead. The best part is I'm an only child. ************************************

1. Sold

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Sold As A...
by cloe_dreamer