If I Stay [a Set Me...
By elsetterby
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Kaye McDowell has spent most of her life trying to leave, or actually leaving, the tiny Maine island she grew up on. For her, the island is marred by tragedy, and always will be. Even sticking around for her best friend, Andy Carrillo, doesn't make much sense anymore. She wishes they were more than friends; he doesn't. Then, after Kaye gets her dream job as a photojournalist in Boston, Andy comes to visit. Just Andy. In her tiny studio apartment. For an entire weekend. And Kaye starts to wonder if he wishes they were more than friends, too. But even if he does, there's so much to overcome: distance, shared grief, and most of all, the fear that comes from putting a lifelong friendship on the line. **** This is a companion short story to Set Me Free and includes LOTS of spoilers for Set Me Free. It also includes a lot of Kaye obsessing over Andy's tattoos (which are awesome), kissing in a shrubbery, and ridiculous pubs. #TeamKandy


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If I Stay...
by elsetterby