Blackmailed For A S...
By beenalone
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#85 in teen fiction #21 in non fiction Categorised in what's hot " what the hell are you gonna do with him?" I whisper between my sobs " nothing...ill just torture him some more and kill him " " why can kill me if you want " " didn't i warn you not to drag anyone in this but as always you just did the opposite " I hear the sound of bullet and i can see blood dripping from his leg continously. I've neva felt so helpless in my entire life What the hell do i do He is not even ready to listen to me Any moment he'll command them to kill him and they'll do it OK NOW NEXT I snatch his phone and disconnects it and before he reacts i jump from my seat and smash my lips on his to shut his mouth before he gives his next command EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IT HAPPENS FOR A REASON. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD HIDDEN DEEP INSIDE. HAVE FAITH ALWAYS. A high school story where a girl rose has just begun her college life nd she fell for a guy chris at the very first day of her college. She gets blackmailed for him but does he even like h8er back? It also includes a lot of mystery and drama where a mafia's son alex blackmails rose in being her slave. But rose being a bubbly and chirpy person will she get tame so easily? What extent will alex go to break her? Keep reading and keep guessing what will happen next


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by beenalone