Pirated Away
By Samantha_BeCreative
  • Romance
  • action
  • adventure
  • battles
  • damsel
  • england
  • france
  • historical
  • kidnapping
  • pirates
  • romance


*Formerly Pirates Life For Me Elizabeth Crownwel has only lived her life as a puppet to her fathers will. Expected to marry a noble and live her life as a trophy wife, she has no interest in living a life of her own. On her way to meet her fiance the notorious pirate, Captain Blade Roberts, kidnaps her and takes her for his own. However, the life on the Hades is different from what she expected. She's not treated as a prisoner locked in the brig but locked in the Captain's personal quarters. But when loyal British Naval Admiral, Peter Longsted, Elizabeth's fiance-to-be and revered enemy of all pirates, leads the search for Elizabeth, no man or pirate will stand in his way. Elizabeth knows that if the Admiral catches Blade, he won't be spared from the gallows. A fiery romance born at sea only to extinguished on land. How far will Elizabeth to save the love of her life?

The Pirates Life For Me

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Pirated A...
by Samantha_BeCreative