A Wolf's Tale (C) [...
By Fanykuroi
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Even though they have been among humans since the beginning, were-shifters were a very secretive species. Its variations ran from were-cats to werewolf and so on. All brothers' races, they lived peacefully and in harmony. Until the war. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had this story here until my account began to give me problems and I had to delete it. Thanks to the past experiences, I had this saved so here I'm posting it again, edited and everything. Book 1 on the Tale Series. Prologue and Character Introduction inside. I hope you guys enjoy reading this a smuch as I enjoyed writing it. WARNINGS: 1. This is a BoyxBoy/Yaoi book, meaning this is a story with the relationship between guys. Don't like it, Don't read. I will not allow hateful comments here or in any of my stories. 2. This will be rated mature cause it will contain Smexy, smutty scenes. 3. It will contain MPREG (male pregnancy), so if don't like, again don't read.

Prologue and Character Introduction

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A Wolf's...
by Fanykuroi