Alpha Sourwolf - (S...
By neonlovatic_
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We've gone through a lot. More than any normal person would ever have to, it doesn't exactly help when your friend is a werewolf, either. Stiles was pulled into the paranormal world after his best friend was bitten by, and turned into, a werewolf. Stiles made his way into a pack, a dysfunctional pack, but a pack none the less. Derek had managed to pull Scott into his pack along with Lydia, Allison and Stiles. Stiles was the only 'normal one' because he wasn't a hunter or a psycho. His world his turned upside down when a new creature rises and goes after him. Along the way Derek's true feelings for Stiles begin to show, but will it be too late for Stiles to tell Derek how he feels? What does this creature want? Moreover, why does it want Stiles? Sterek FanFiction - I don't own any of the characters, they were created by Jeff Davis and all rights go to the respective parties.

Alpha Sourwolf - Sterek Fancficton

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Alpha Sou...
by neonlovatic_