ShadowSong [Book 1...
By Skyhuntress
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Almost a year ago, Olivia Shadowheart and Jason Frostsong had to figure out how to protect a city from its own possessed citizens without anyone knowing they'd had anything to do with it. They are Banshee and Cryophoenix--two of six Luminaries that save the Manifested from themselves when the Other takes their minds and turns them into twisted monsters bent on revenge. But like all Luminaries, Banshee and Cryo's true identities are a secret, even from each other. As the newest Luminary pair, not much is expected of them except to learn and train for their eventual responsibility in a few years but Banshee's got ambition. She's determined to be more than Olivia ever could, and with Cryo by her side, they find themselves in the middle of a battle they aren't ready for. Their lives, both civilian and Luminary, are about to collide. The question is whether they can learn to trust each other--both with and without the transformations--or if the Other's growing power will claim more than just their secrets. *+*+*+* [ UPDATED WEDNESDAYS AUSTRALIA TIME usually at like 5am in the morning but w/e] [ Both books are in this work. Book 1 is chapter 1-38, book 2 continues straight after] [ NaNoWriMo16 & 17] *+*+*+* Cover by @Prisim

Chapter 1 - When the Bells Chime

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by Skyhuntress