Falling for Shawn M...
By Summerdc73
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Sarah is an average teenager who is pretty popular. Her older brother is the school's star football player and she can sing pretty good. She also makes YouTube videos and writes songs. She has a lot of friends but still only has her 2 closest friends. With her brother being popular, he always has his best friends, Shawn and Aaron, come over to hang out and talk football or what ever boys do when they go to each other's houses. Sarah has a huge crush on Shawn so when he comes over, she always convinces her brother to hang out in the living room or basement or something. Shawn Mendes is a popular guy of the school. He plays football and he sings really good. His best friend, Michael, is the star football player so he goes to his house often to "talk football" and by that it means play video games or play truth or dare or something. He tries to come over as much as possible to see Michaels sister Sarah because he really likes her even though Michael, being the good overprotective older brother he is, doesn't approve.

Chapter 1

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Falling f...
by Summerdc73