The Truth Untold
By Aita_Jaldin
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"Hey babe, want me to give you a tour?" he said while checking me out. Knowing what he was doing, I played along. I turn around, 'check him out', bit my lip, and walk towards him. Once I was a foot away from him, I place my hand on his chest, put my mouth near his ear, and whisper "I would like to take your offer but I have better things to do" With that said, I walk my way to class leaving him speechless. "Don't play with someone that can play better" I thought. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ava Clain is nice, pretty, innocent or is she? Ever heard of the saying: "Don't jugde a book by it's cover", yeah that's pretty much how you will describe her. Follow Ava through an adventure that may or may not make sense but who cares. And don't forget her family and friends she made on her way through the adventure of her life. [[Author's Note]] Hi, well I have 5 things to say. 1) This is my first time writting a story so, sorry for any grammar errors and things that may not be clear in the story. 2) If you have any question don't be scare on writting in it in the comment section down below and I will do my best on responding them. 3) If you can do a better cover than this one don't hesitate, send it to me. 4) I will try to update regularly and there will be bad words. I will try not to put a lot but not promises. 5) Last but not least important, HAVE FUN READING THIS.

Chapter I: Moving House Means A New Me

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The Truth...
by Aita_Jaldin