Superpower (A Trigg...
By HadassaHarper
  • Romance
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Eric Dominguez is a star soccer player at Adelphi University. His twin brother, Jacks, is living his life to the fullest, down to the fact that he is expecting a baby with his girl, Karissa, Eric's high school crush. Eric is still a little bitter towards his brother for going after Karissa when he liked her, but it has been nearly seven years and Eric college days are rapidly ending. He needs to get over Karissa and move on. When Eric meets Annie Banks, a bright girl with curly red locks and beautiful green eyes, he feels himself slowly falling in love with her. However, Annie makes it clear that she can only be his friend, but Eric does not want to be 'just friends'. He wonders why she is so adamant about not getting into a relationship, and wonders if it has anything to do with the bruises on her body. Eric wastes no time trying to show Annie how much she means to him. Even after learning her dark secret, he starts to fall for her, perhaps love her. (originally: Black & Blues; Black Series, Book 3) "A heartwarming story . . . This book reminded me of the fault in our stars, but I liked it more. I have never felt that I should leave a review on anything, but immediately after finishing this book I knew I had to share how much I loved it. I laughed and cried, and then both at the same time when I read the ending. Would recommend this book to anyone. " - Meghan Sielaff (Inkitt) Cover Art: @DesignbyEH


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by HadassaHarper