Crazy Affair
By WriterBlood101
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Being the only daughter of a Mafia God isn't the end of the world. Neither is marrying another Mafia leader's spoil son, against my will if I might add, to avoid war. But being captured and sexually pleased to the point of making one fall in love, that was the end of the world. The end of my world. The end of the world didn't stop with falling in love but witnessing the death of someone dear, being physically hurt by people who love you, being captured over and over by different people because of the ones you love and memories of a past that you tried so hard to hide. That was the end of the universe. And all before my twenty-fifth birthday. How could I, Sonya Fein Lopez, survive the end of the universe?

Plot of the story

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Crazy Aff...
by WriterBlood101