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A child found in the middle of blood and bodies, asks "what is a family?" How would one react? "9" also known as "Kyuu" Is more than what she seems. After being told her family was dead at a young age, she didn't understand, "what is 'family'?" She asked. The one who raised her never seemed to answer, Kyuu never lived with a proper family, nor did she live with care and protection. Everything she knows was told to her by 'them' After being attacked by rouges, which she killed without hesitation, Kyuu was approached by a man in green spandex and another with gravity-defying silver hair, she is taken to the Hokage. She is soon tested on how skilled she is, it is discovered that she is stronger than an average group of ANBU which catches the interest of many. But is her strength really what it seems to be or is it all one big illusion? I DONT OWN NARUTO. (Also. OC is not a mary sue. The purpose if this book is to experiment with writing techniques etc. It seems my young self liked cliche characters, OC is slowly going to be better)

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[On hold]...
by CharTime