The Next Stage
By iaaaaanneee
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All she wants to do is to get even to his enemy, Zachary Lopez...but that was before. The time when her eyes opened, she can now see that there is a man who is willing to give her love that she deserves after a heartbreak a few years ago. The love, that they want to experience again and the love, that is limitless. But, how far? How far they will experience this "limitless love"? If there is a man, that is still stuck in the past, and will do everything to get his "girl", and there is a woman, that will be stuck in the future to the man that she loves, that dearly loves Julia. Will the "enemies" be get stuck to each other FOREVER? Or will they be stuck to the people that will cause them to be OVER? BOOK 2 OF THE ENEMIES. Started: April 8, 2017 Completed: To God be all the glory!


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The Next...
by iaaaaanneee