The Summer I Met Th...
By sokovianlady
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When Lucy Owens decides to tutor juniors before their senior year just so it will look good on her college application, she didn't except to find some of the most memorable events happening. ▸Oscar Jones, the man with a snarky attitude and bouncy curls. ▸Adam Rice, the guy who doesn't show up to class half the time. ▸Harper McFarlane, the nicest and goofiest person in school. ▸Cassidy Moore, the quietest girl with a love for comics. ▸Daniel Song, a toothy smile and a passion for art. Lucy makes a bet to prove that these students are exactly what they look like, "trouble kids." *** note: This short story will contain 10 chapters. It has a diverse cast. Special thanks to @SkyLabyrinth for the cover ^-^ contains foul language (PG-13)


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The Summe...
by sokovianlady