School for Mages
By Chum_of_FT
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Fairy Tail Academy. The place where they teach young mages more skills on their magic abilities. Lucy Heartfilia is one of the strongest mages at Fairy Tail Academy. She has a goal to be part of the FMR, or, the Fiore Mage Race. A race where the top male and female of the top schools in Fiore compete to see who is the strongest. Natsu Dragneel, Lucy's rival since Kindergarten, is one of the strongest mages at Fairy Tail as well. He has the same goal to compete in the FMR. Will they both be chosen? Would they put their rivalry aside in order to work together to win the FMR? What happens when our pink haired friend here has a crush? Find out in....School for Mages. July 2016 - ongoing Hiro Mashima owns the characters

Chapter 1

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School fo...
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