Break Free Roselle
By BelWatson
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I live in the most expensive city of the world, a cosmopolitan capital. It's vibrant with all its people, it's loud, it's crowded. It's beautiful. But I'm not part of it. I only see it from behind a window, high in the sky, away from everyone else. Just like in that old fairy-tale, my mum keeps me inside the penthouse, as high as it can get, doors closed to everyone else but her. She says the world outside is scary, it's horrible and cruel and I'm better off inside, where no one can harm me. I don't have real friends. I don't have even school friends. I don't have anyone else but my mother. I know she wants to protect me, even if she doesn't tell me from what exactly, yet I know she has the best intentions at heart. I just wish I was allowed to play outside, from time to time. This is my life, however I do tell myself sometimes: Someday, you'll break free, Roselle. BOOK 6 In the Aware Princess Series flower: Purple Lilac, it symbolises "first emotion of love."

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Break Fre...
by BelWatson