Dreaming of You - o...
By LidyWilks
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Sharon's life has gone down the crapper. Her latest client, former middle school mate and golden boy Justin Boyd, just walked into her office with a referral. He doesn't seem to remember her but Sharon has never forgotten him and the nasty rumour he started about her, forcing her to change schools. On top of that, Casey the love of her life, the father of her child, the man who said he NEVER wanted to get married or have children, mailed her an invitation to his wedding! A woman on a mission, Sharon is determined to keep Mr. Boyd at arms length until their sessions are over. And survive the next few weeks until Casey's wedding. Especially when the bride that's supposed to go down the aisle is her. But can she sit back and watch the love and family she's dreamed of having be lost to her forever? The last two years of Justin Boyd's life has been a living hell. Between his divorce and losing his daughter, it's no wonder his work has been suffering. Then there's the headaches, the trouble sleeping and nothing he's done worked. Until he's sent to the cool and distant Dr. Sharon Cooper. She seems strangely familiar to him and is drawn to her. He's not ready for another relationship, but slaking his lust for Dr. Cooper is a different matter. Will he be able to forgive his ex-wife, heal and realize he's found a second chance at love and family, before he loses it all?


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by LidyWilks