Manum (#Wattys2016)
By ihareemnisar
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Manum Mustafa is a university student ..A Muslim loving,fun loving and caring girl.She is harmless but can raise hell if provoked. She doesn't know what dangers exists in the outside world.She loves her family and her life ,studied hard and live care free.She never knew that she will catch the eye of the most dangerous man in the country ... Zayaan Ibrahim Saith is the devil himself,the most feared man in the country,the most popular mobster,he is fire and then he is ice in seconds,he is wicked,dangerously handsome,cruel and careless.He kills without hesitation,love is not a word in his dictionary and he mostly certainly doesn't feel remorse for his actions. What will happen when the devil comes face to face with a delicate beauty.??? Will he spare her life kill her or worst keep her for an entirely different reason????

Chapter 1

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Manum (#W...
by ihareemnisar