Is Everybody In Lov...
By BentleyMarch
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Lissette was a good girl. Subdued by the sudden deaths of her brother and mother, she spent most of her time with her head in a book or down at the local gym, often with her father, working up a sweat. Life, for her, was going through the motions. She felt like she waiting for something to come along and change it all around for her. But she’s too afraid to get to know her classmates and neighbors. Because the last thing she wants is to have to lose someone close to her again. Three things happen that change everything but not in the way she wanted. She has new neighbors. She wouldn’t be bothered by it except they spend most of their time partying, late into the night. Her dad begins dating and, as much as she wants him to be happy, she feels that her own mother is being replaced. And last, but definitely not least, Chase, the boy who she had loved, the boy who had broken her heart, was returning to her small town. And he was bringing baggage that was about to bury her.

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Is Everyb...
by BentleyMarch