The Conceited Rescu...
By EurekaEureka
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Nothing could bring them together except the word - Trouble. She was "in" trouble, and he was "the" trouble. When everyone deserts, family comes in; for Rimjhim it was just her mother. Despite being snubbed by her own siblings and her first love gone wrong, she refused to give up. Her attempts to live a full life were fruitful. But in the end they were only attempts, as a part of her was still nursing a hollow chasm that refused to heal. It only dug deep with every passing year. Soon a letter brought a new ray of hope; and while she had yet to reach an amiable settlement with her past, her present threw in a new challenge in the form of Mr. 'NO' man or so he was referred to as. Bernard Niel was the epitome of conceit and he was set to make this Lost girl's life a mess. Or was it a rescue in disguise?

Chapter 1

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The Conce...
by EurekaEureka