Mafia Junior
By Canadian_author_13
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Second story in the 'Mafia' series "He's my son, Emma!" He shouted causing Isaac to sob louder. "Stop yelling you're upsetting him." I hissed rocking him. Nikolai stopped, but I could still tell he was angry. I kept rocking Isaac and humming the Italian lullaby I grew up on. "You and Isaac are staying here, because you're still my wife and he's still my child." Nikolai hissed and left the room. •*•*•*• One year ago, Emma escaped the mafia life. Only too find out she was pregnant with Nikolai's child. Her husband. The Russian mafia boss. One year ago Nikolai's sweet wife left without a word. And he's been searching for her since. Until he finally finds her, only to discover she's been hiding a son from him. She wants to leave so Isaac can grow up normal, he wants her to stay because he loves them both. She thinks he's gonna break her heart again. Nikolai will make sure she stays this time.


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Mafia Jun...
by Canadian_author_13