Shadow of A Rose
By notafairyprincess
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"Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good." This is the quote Yvonne James, CEO, James-Carmichael and Co. lives by. A self made woman, she is poised, cunning, hardworking and at times, ruthless. All her life, she has spent working hard, amassing massive fortunes and taking her dynasty of industries forwards, but has been missing out on simple pleasures of life. Kyle Crawford, an innocent, ambitious young journalist is struggling to make ends meet. When he ends up on his boss' bad side, he knows there's only one way he'll get to keep his job: an interview with Yvonne James, the woman who has been the object of his fantasies since a long time. When they meet, he realizes her life isn't as rosy as it seems. ************************************ This isn't just a story about a rich woman meeting a man and falling in love. It is an emotional journey exploring love and friendship, challenging gender stereotypes and roles society has defined for us. The characters may be quite unexpected and some parts may be disturbing to some people, I'll make sure I put up a warning before any such part. *The male protagonist is FAR from the usual ruthless, dark and brooding alpha male who protects women. If the thought of a CEO story without such a male character makes you uncomfortable, please don't read any further. Cover by @tenress. She makes awesome covers! The book is still a work in progress with irregular updates. Thank you for bearing with me :) #ProjectWomanUp #FreeTheBoy


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Shadow of...
by notafairyprincess