Rainbow Life | NCT...
By Jaehyunniee
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"I thought I made myself pretty clear that day."-Jaehyun. Started at : June/09/2016 Finished at : September/26/2016 --- Rainbow normally appears along with sunshine after a heavy rain. So does Yerin life. Her life has been in hell until something happens, that make her life changes. And later on, she meets this guy, who completely different from her. So what happened that helps her changing her life? And what will happen between this two? --- *Notice : Everything in this fiction are pure fictional. *I would like to apologize for the mistakes I made, English is not my first language but I tried ;-; *There are new additional scenes that I've added along the storyline while editing, if you happen to read it before, I'm sure you'll like it even more but it's up to you guys💓 --- All images that I used in each episodes credit to the owner. I didn't own any of images. I only edited it.


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Rainbow L...
by Jaehyunniee